Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gazing at Second Life with a critical eye

May of this year was the 10th year Anniversary of my visiting this curious Metaverse. I am drawn back again and again.

Perhaps it is only now, towards the end of 2014, that the purpose behind my wanderlust is clear: I envision great potential in this pixelated land. This potential has barely been explored. My intuition clearly tells me that this place could truly be utilized for the greater benefit of humanity, somehow. So I seek the humane and tender here, teetering on the edges of the unexplored; hoping I can gain greater insight into my vision and bring it into form.

I have to admit that I get discouraged much too often and log off with pangs of loneliness. A few things work against the "greater things". Second Life is a privilege, and I bet that at least 80% of all Second Life users are middle class (this still exists, right?) to upper class. Those that could truly use the sort of enrichment and healing that this virtual world could provide, are often disadvantaged and have no access to high-end computers or even to decent internet access. Nor are they computer literate enough to be comfortable using a complex application such as this one. I hope I'm wrong, somewhere... Someone, correct me? ;) ...

Second Life is frozen in a nucleus of time wherein the well-off denizens congregate among other well-off denizens, most likely replicating the privileged fashions, pursuits and lifestyles of their first life; brewing in this comfortably-numbing pot of stew. How about breaking free?

Can we try imagining a different Second Life? Even if a different Second Life is not possible, let's just try to visualize it?