Friday, April 22, 2016

Leaving Second Life permanently. The single best thing I got out of Second Life was this Note:

I was new, not good with computers, and bored. I was wearing a short skirt, bling chest rings, blinging far and wide through my freebie leather jacket. It seemed that was the thing to do. Second Life appeared to be lacking in depth and communication and I saw males running around wearing unmentionable attachments.  (I had clearly been to the wrong places).
“There must be some sensible people here somewhere” I thought. “Maybe there are some nice people at a yachting club”. I searched and found Nantucket Yacht Club and teleported onto a jetty.
There was a man. 
No silly attachments, no fancy skin, no chat up lines. And very oddly… talking at all!
I said hello, but he did not answer.
Now, when you are new in Second Life, you don’t understand about chat lag, AFK, unloaded avatar…so I believed this person was truly ignoring me. 
I said “hello” again. No answer.
Off I walked and viewed the boats. Up one jetty, down the next. Then I arrived back where the man was. I said hello again. 
Still no reply. 
Determined, I asked “Do you have a yacht here?”
I walked away pretty much in disgust really at being ignored several times. Then…as I was leaving…I saw very faintly on my screen….
............."Y e s"
Maybe he does not speak English I thought.
Then the next word from him…..
This was odd, but clearly this man was asking if I wanted to sail in his boat! 
I accepted and followed the man as he walked along the jetties to his yacht.
The sailing was just amazing! (Although in silence!!). 
I had not experienced anything like it! I asked him if I could take photographs. He said “Yes”.
The sea, the land, the turns, the commands, a skipper on a small yacht, sailing it just for me!! 
After a long time out to sea, we returned to the jetty. 
The man stood up and walked away - without a word - to the clubhouse.
Well, as I like to talk, I really couldn't accept this. I followed and walked to him and asked “What language do you speak?”
No reply.
It was puzzling. Very puzzling.
There were others in the clubhouse. Ravishal Bentham sent me an Instant Message.
“Have you read his profile?”
I was new, why would I think doing of that?!
----So I did.
That was the moment that changed my Second Life.
The  mans name was Djduerer Zou.
– He described himself in his profile -
✲ Friendly, kind, tall, bedridden, sailor. 
✲Can barely type.
✲ Difficulty seeing too.
✲ It gets worse in the afternoon SLT time. ✲ Slow. ✲ I use gestures to speak. ✲ In my life I am terminally ill (soon dead) with progressive brain disease,  OPCA  also known  as MSA.  
✲ No regrets, lived passionately. 
✲ SL is my life.

I couldn’t imagine to have ever read such a thing or met such a person in Second Life. 
The reality of the situation made my mind a whirl. I had been sailing with a man who was living the last days of his Real Life here, in Second Life, living the Real Life that he had known.As a sailor.
My computer was a blur. There was something different here.
Djduerer managed to type - -
“I think he is asking you to dance” wrote Ravishal in my IM.
After the short dance I walked outside and stood my avatar looking out to sea.
I logged off Second Life with a hollow feeling inside but at the same time - a spark - a feeling that there was real life here in these avatars. 
After this day I returned twice to see Djduerer, and both times he took me sailing. I dropped the bling chest rings and lengthened my skirt!
I talked to him, not expecting a reply. 
I remember once as we were sailing saying to him -
“You must have had a wonderful Real Life at sea”.
His answer made me happy and sad at the same time…..
”Yes!!!!!!!!!” he said.
Then a couple of weeks later I heard that Djduerer  had passed away.
These years later, when I am helping new people, this experience is never far from my mind.
At no time has anything in Second Life ever taught me so much as the day I met Djduerer Zou and discovered who was really behind the avatar. 
I have used my experience of meeting Djduerer to explain to others about Second Life and to help them to have an open mind.
I doubt my presence here meant much to Djduerer. If I kept him company for a few sailings that makes me happy, but Djduerer’s presence in Second Life meant so much to me.
He taught me the most important lesson I have learned here, and I am grateful for that moment we met – it showed me what online living can really mean.
(Published with the kind permission of the real life widow of Djduerer Zou).

Since that time, I have spoken to Djduerer Zou's Real Life widow, who is still a resident. I would like to tell you what she told me about the time that she and Djduerer spent together here.
She said that when he was ill,  and Real Life a great trial to them both, they would come to Second Life together and live in the same way as they had always lived their real lives.
Dancing, exploring, sailing. She told me that at the end of Djduerer's life, Second Life in a way gave them back the real lives they had lost. 
Of course, she really believes in the power of Second Life and what it can achieve for some people.
We all meet moments of sadness in Second Life, but hopefully also many, many moments of fun, development, learning, laughter and happiness. 
But let us never forget....think about how we relate to people......we never know who they are.

- Treacle Darlandes"


Treacle is a saint in Second Life and she runs a sim to help Disabled and Older players of Second Life get acquainted with it. Please support her if you can. Learn to see this virtual place as something capable of much more than capitalism (which you hate, until it works for you - hypocritical, isn't it?), cheating, lying, abusing; never being true to yourself; materialism and shallow superficiality. 

That is the kind of metaverse I really wanted to see in this place. But now, after nearly 11 years of trying, it's time to let go; also because I have an issue with video game addiction.

I would have liked to study this place more, but I'm getting older and my first life needs all the attention it can get. But in short, I discovered that this fascinating land is like a giant loupe, magnifying people's wounds, ego issues, insecurities, traumas, and pain. Despite this, there are truly beautiful places in SL, but take your time finding them. 

I'm leaving this blog up, and all of the silly and stupid posts I've made over the years. If anyone even finds this blog. I'm deleting my player character, Nimue Galatea, who has been here for close to 12 years. I'm donating whatever Lindens I have left to Treacle. 



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gazing at Second Life with a critical eye

May of this year was the 10th year Anniversary of my visiting this curious Metaverse. I am drawn back again and again.

Perhaps it is only now, towards the end of 2014, that the purpose behind my wanderlust is clear: I envision great potential in this pixelated land. This potential has barely been explored. My intuition clearly tells me that this place could truly be utilized for the greater benefit of humanity, somehow. So I seek the humane and tender here, teetering on the edges of the unexplored; hoping I can gain greater insight into my vision and bring it into form.

I have to admit that I get discouraged much too often and log off with pangs of loneliness. A few things work against the "greater things". Second Life is a privilege, and I bet that at least 80% of all Second Life users are middle class (this still exists, right?) to upper class. Those that could truly use the sort of enrichment and healing that this virtual world could provide, are often disadvantaged and have no access to high-end computers or even to decent internet access. Nor are they computer literate enough to be comfortable using a complex application such as this one. I hope I'm wrong, somewhere... Someone, correct me? ;) ...

Second Life is frozen in a nucleus of time wherein the well-off denizens congregate among other well-off denizens, most likely replicating the privileged fashions, pursuits and lifestyles of their first life; brewing in this comfortably-numbing pot of stew. How about breaking free?

Can we try imagining a different Second Life? Even if a different Second Life is not possible, let's just try to visualize it? 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

An update on my blog's mission.

Hello, 2014!
I am re-designing and re-purposing my blog. 

I believe that virtual worlds like Second Life hold immense value for humanity outside of cyberspace. It is my mission to find these shards of:
genuine connection,
extraordinary value,
emotional intimacy,
true community,
that which makes people truly beautiful,
acts of kindness,
inspiration and motivation to carry onto 1st Life; 
and bring them to people via my blog. 

Virtual worlds will make no dent in the emotional evolution of humanity, unless we consciously seek out and develop these values.

It is easy to get discouraged and lose track of these things in a virtual palace where vanity, egocentricity, and materialism are aspired to and rewarded. However, this is of benefit to those of us who study the human heart (figuratively). 

I seek true connection everywhere I go, and this includes Second Life. I find myself automatically clicking on the "Profile" window and reading up on every stranger I see or meet, to get a glimpse into them, or to encounter one of these "shards of value".

My integral desire is to connect, to inspire, and to help people. Therefore I will make use of this inner need and bring a fresh take on this amazing virtual world, for your benefit and for the benefit of others you may encounter. So, please spread the word and share my blog! 

Note: If are in the know of any Events, Places, People, or News I would be interested in, please let me know. 

Monday, August 04, 2008


In which other virtual world can you be guided through meditation without leaving your home?

That's exactly the event I attended for the first time recently. I didn't know what to expect. . .

But it turned out to be uplifting, although next time I'll be smarter and meditate on the floor instead of in the computer chair. Meditations in Second Life are done through voice, so that one doesn't need to be staring at the screen to see what's being typed.

The one I attended was led by a professional Dutch healer. His voice was so soothing. He had crystal bowls singing in the background. I could almost smell incense...

It was beautiful...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Felixx Shepherd has brought class to Second Life

I stumbled upon rare beauty while on .


...The castle of Da Vinci.

It was created, among other comparable objects infusing art, history, and passion, by Felixx Shepherd - a scientific journalist from Germany who admires Da Vinci and has written an article about him.

I ventured into the Gardens of Da Vinci, the home of Felixx, and found him swimming in a gazebo he made:

I couldn't help paying him a compliment. As a reward I was asked to dance with him on the grounds of his castle....

...Thank you Felixx, for bringing enlightenment to this virtual world! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three wisest advices from a hundred SL residents

1. Forget the popular places tab exists.

2. Get the MystiTool and Babbler or Universal Translator.

3. Every now and then spend a little $ to get a lot of $L.


I just saved you 1000 hours of frustration and therapy.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Realistic men

Doppie Westerburg's avatar is the best one I have seen so far in SL.
At one point I wasn't sure if what was before me was virtual or real.
I'm happy men's avies are getting more tlc and attention.
Just wanted to share that...
Skin by Naughty (Lost Thereian)
Hair by Panache
Clothes by Gritty Kitty