Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Great things really do happen when you least expect it

I'm amazed. I log onto SL, and the first thing I remember to do is to go to Bingoland Park to check whether I won anything in the Gigas lottery. But I guess if you win the lottery once, doesn't mean you'll win it again, does it!
The amazing part is here: It turns out I came there right before the last Bingo game (wasn't expecting that!), so I decide to try my luck one more time and play Bingo even though I never EVER win!! Like I always do, I leave the numbers on my card unchanged, for luck.

One after another, the numbers match the pattern, and before I know it, I win! What's more amazing is it was an extraordinary pot of $1,000L. I did feel sad for those that got their hopes shattered :( I really do know the feeling. But I also need the money to buy nice land and decorate it and etc... But still, moments like this rejuvenate a sense of wonder. Ever had this happen to you?