Sunday, May 29, 2005

Superrific news!

I have a tropical land! Kamba is the succulent name so newly dear to me. My neighbors are as important to me as the landscape, and I'm ecstatic about residing right next to Damani. For those of you not familiar with him - he is one of the most talented and famous designers SL has ever had. I had no idea he had like a gazillion square meters of land here. What's more important though, is what he does with it. I'm verry happy to say he devoted all of it to beauty and can I say CLASS! He's obviously very devoted to SL which means he's not moving any time soon, which means I've got a great location. I've got views of water and a mountain, and the earth is flat. I could tell you more, but you have to come see it for yourself :) I got the land for $4k btw - LOL that lucky Bingo pot came in handy.

It's not like I found this land just like that. At first I used the Find > Land Sales tool. Unsatisfied, I resorted to just flying over to any 512 sq m land that was for sale on the map in the tropical lands. But before I flew over, I clicked the Terrain tab to see what kind of objects surrounded the plot. This is how I discovered this one! But I had to choose between it and another one in Igbo (90, 67). There are two 512 sq m plots in Igbo, side by side, facing a vast waterfront with these cute little dock houses. Behind is a huge locked Linden land filled with palm trees. It's very serene and beautiful. It just seemed kind of lonely to me. It's still for sale *WINK WINK* for around $3k, I believe?...

Well, I'm off to say hi to my neighbors :)

P.S.: In my next post I'll tell ya how I discovered SL.
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