Thursday, May 26, 2005

Virtual paradise

I'm back in SL (yay!) and what's new is that I sold 512 sqm of land in Hazeltine to a cool guy named Glydur Stonebender. I IMed him to thank him for the purchase and he IMed me back telling me how lucky he felt getting land with such a good view. We chatted more and exchanged calling cards :) I would've kept the land for myself, being that it sits on a rocky hill overlooking a snowy forest and the horizon (the Sunsets are incredible!)...behind it is a green forest enveloped in mist, so it's a wonderful location for a virtual home :)
Anyway, I would've kept it if it was a tropical sim. But it's not. Quoting Glydur, "It's more like Aspen, Colorado."

Why do I want land in a tropical sim so badly? For my garden. I can't have a virtual home without a garden. That's just me. Substitutes a real one, too.

Well, I'm off to look for that land...