Friday, August 26, 2005

Best apartments in SL in 2005

I was looking for an apartment in SL and here is my list of some the best ones today (pictures included) :)

I picked those that weren't a nightmare to get to, had a polished feel, and were of good quality.

Seaside apartments @ Roxy (114, 217)

Features: Patio, docks, beach, jacuzzi, bonfire, vending spaces, lockable doors, privacy windows option, amazing view. Talk to: Bill Sterling $300L/week for 150 prims

My impression: These apartments are the newest. I could almost smell the fresh laquer on the parquet floors, and could almost feel the rough, cool texture of the bricks against my "hand". They are also the most polished-looking. Bill Sterling did a really good job. I don't like builds where you constantly have to adjust the camera view, because they're so freaking the spaciousness of these apts is like a breath of fresh air. And it seems no matter how you choose to decorate it, it will still look incredibly cozy!
Did I mention the view?

The music is mellow and husky, which just adds to the authenticity of the place, but if you decide to turn it off you'll be greeted with a potpourri of nature sounds :)

Tenants can hold events as long as they clean up afterwards.

The jacuzzi and the bonfire (below)

Langdon Sky Pod Apartments @ Zephyr (160, 193)

Talk to: Anita Langdon
$300/month!! for 100 prims
Mature sim

- Ultra-cool and ultra-safe up there...and cozy....but also a futuristic kind of way....and dangerous! Try not to drink before walking the connector bridges....a wrong step and you're in trouble LOL. Unless you're into sky-diving. Then you can dive all you want right from your own porch. Or if you had a bad day and feel like commiting suicide. Or you can be more civilized and do it all from the helipad, which is on the fourth level.

- As far as your headquarters: You get one room, and instead of walls you have floor to ceiling glass, which is one-way glass, too.

- In Langdon sky pod apts, there are four levels in all. 1st level contains apartments A thru D. 2nd level has a nice garden, a cafe, and two apartments. 3rd level has two more apartments. 4th level has another garden, a Sun room (for relaxing on loungers while watching the sun go down and the stars come up), a swimming pool (although nice, the water looks as though it had a nasty chlorine spill) and the helipad.

- If you're scared of heights, stay away.

Sky Condos @ Hazeltine (185, 171)

Features: The most cozylicious apartments! Also has community grounds and pool.

This one seems by far to be the most popular one, with most of the condominiums being rented.

Prices are:
30 x 30 interior, 150 prims, for $200L a week,
20 x 30, 100 prims, for $150L a week,
16 x 30, 125 prims, for $175L a week,
14 x 20, 75 prims, for $100L a week.

My impression?:
Of all the places I've visited in Secondlife, this one has, in my opinion, the most immense feeling of community. Maybe next to Ahern.

Every house has two levels - the living headquarters (one-way glass from floor to ceiling) on the bottom, and there is a park-like area on the top :) Did I say COZY?? Some people have jacuzzis and beach towels up there :) I have no idea what it is about the interior of these sky houses that is so cozy, but it just is!! Every single one I've can stay in there forever. You can go really wild with colors, too. This sim is mature.

Mesede Seaside Cottages @ Mesede (210, 138)

Price: $150L/week for 500 prims!!
Unfortunately: Only 4 cottages, all of which are occupied at this time.
Talk to: Dello Martov

My impression: Great job, Dello! Each cottage has a private dock, teleporters between floors and docks. The cottages overlook islands and gorgeous houses. There is nice classical music.

There is also a JUMBO-sized community center (with Tringo, Slingo, Bingo, party tent, a very large pool, dance floor, and a touring balloon) right behind the cottages that can be used by the tenants to host events or parties!!

Butsu Island Apartments @ Butsu (101, 223)

Prices range from: $180L/week for 150 prims TO $200L/week for 160 prims
Talk to: Matina Appleby
Features: You get 2 spacious rooms plus a huge balcony overlooking the sim of Dedi, which is nothing but a sea.........There is also a public beach in the back.

I like the little glowing fishies that indicate whether the apartment is taken or not :-)
Interior: Ah! I love the color scheme. Incredibly exotic.
At the time of me writing this, there were two out of four apartments availably for rent. It also looks like Matina is building more apartments in the back!

Overall: the whole appearance is not as neat as Seaside, for example, because of the construction in the back, and it is kind of lonesome here, but these apartments are quite sophisticated :-) If you're looking for the finer things in life, I guess, look no further :D Events are allowed on request.

Last one...
Zuni Villas @ Zuni (208, 103)

Price: $400L for 200 prims
Contact: Bill Sterling

These are the most expensive ones on my list. I wonder what makes it so? Well, they do look posh...and the area has this gated-community feel...maybe that's because the plot of land is surrounded by water on both sides? The surroundings add to this feel as well...and the result is a perfected retreat.
The total # of villas is six.

That's it for now....Enjoy :-)