Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A chat with an alien

Well, hello my quiet little blog! (It's so quiet, it's spooky *lol*) I was doing spring cleaning on my hard drive and came across this wonderful little chat log :)
Mobius Bard: hi
You: Hi
Mobius Bard: what is this stone thing?
You: looks like Stonehenge to me
You: who are you?
Mobius Bard: mobius bard at your service *bows*
Mobius Bard: :)
You: wow. :) Do you look like an alien on purpose?
You: lol
Mobius Bard: i suppose so, yes lol
You: I mean, here you are, at Stonehenge, by yourself.....looks pretty suspicious ;)
Mobius Bard: i read that this is some sort of really old sl place so i teleported here to check it out
Mobius Bard: supposed to be one of the first builds i guess?
You: my first time at this spot *shrugs*
Mobius Bard: not quite what i was hoping for... kind of boring
You: hmm, let me see
Mobius Bard: cool butterfly effect
You: :)
You: I like it here
Mobius Bard: not bad :)
You: it's your second day here?
Mobius Bard: yep!
Mobius Bard: thanks - how did you do that?
You: I right-clicked on you, then Profile, then Rate at the bottom of that screen :-)!
Mobius Bard rated you positively: (no message)
Mobius Bard: easy enough
You: clap
Mobius Bard: grin
You: hmm each rock looks like Pi
You: one of those mathemathical figures
Mobius Bard: a la mode I hope!
Mobius Bard: *stomach growls*
Mobius Bard: youve been on since may?
You: End of May
Mobius Bard: finding anything interesting to do?
You: too much for my own good ;)
Mobius Bard: :)
You: and you?
You: addicted yet?
Mobius Bard: yeah i can see this getting pretty addicting!
Mobius Bard: I've been up 'till 5am the last two nights
Mobius Bard: lol
You: Oh wow
You: me too, some days....
Mobius Bard: do you own land?
You: no ... I dont think I will because of the monthly cost. I'm happy with my apartment
Mobius Bard: yeah, i'm probably going that route as well
You: cool :) so you're into aliens?
Mobius Bard: yeah - anything out of the ordinary, really
You: that's really cool
You: Mobius reminds me of a song by the same name...weird song
Mobius Bard: my first day i saw so many plain humans i thought... "Why be human in my second life? I can be something entirely different"
Mobius Bard: you have wings
You: :-)
You: lol
Mobius Bard: that means you must be alienb too
Mobius Bard: lol
You: hmm...two aliens at Stonehenge , haha
You: who met by accident
You: Im gonna landmark this site
Mobius Bard: or maybe it was the alien mothership calling us
Mobius Bard: how do you landmark?
You: go to World on top of the screen, and
You: 'Create landmark here' :)
Mobius Bard: got it
You: have you been to any houses yet?
Mobius Bard: a few
Mobius Bard: looked at a couple apartments 2
You: ok :) well on top of that hill there is a house with two people inside if you didn't know :-)
Mobius Bard: friends of yours?
You: no
You: so where does your name come from?
You: it sounds techno-ish
Mobius Bard: well i've always liked the name mobius - he's the guy that first conceptualized the mobius strip...
Mobius Bard: ...a neverending circle that you could walk forever
Mobius Bard: bard is for me - in rl I'm an actor/musician
You: amazing stuff :)
Mobius Bard: so it's like "Cornucopia of Entertainment"? :)
Mobius Bard: you?
You: forgive me I got speechless :)
Mobius Bard: :)
Mobius Bard: what does nimue mean?
You: I just had a small vision that's why i got quiet
Mobius Bard: ah, a winged alien psychic at stonehenge!
You: for a split second I saw a real human being behind that green avatar...sort of like a break from the "matrix"
You: But anyway
Mobius Bard: there is one behind the av of course :)
Mobius Bard: its me :)
You: Nimue means Moon goddess and Galatea sounds like galaxy
Mobius Bard: nice
You: lol
Mobius Bard: bow
Mobius Bard: so what do you do in rl?
You: so you can say I like things like astronomy :-)
You: Well I'm still figuring out what it is I want to do for the rest of my life.
You: I need to hone a few things
Mobius Bard: that will never stop. once you embrace the journey for what it is you're fine
Nimue Galatea is digesting that thought....
You: Very deep. I never heard that before
Mobius Bard: the way i see it is all you have to do is something better every day. you don't have to find the perfect career tomorrow, just do something more along the lines of where you'd like to end up someday
Mobius Bard: if you take positive steps every day, you'll get there eventually and wonder how you got there :)
You: in other words, with a set goal in mind....
Mobius Bard: yes, but you don't have to necessarily know exactly what the end goal is...
Mobius Bard: just point yourself in a better direction and little by little the things that hold you back will begin to disappear and you'll be able to think more clearly
Mobius Bard: know what I mean?
You: Thank you :) Yes I do
You: You have wisdom
Mobius Bard: sorry, i don't even know you or your situation, so i hope im not imposing
Mobius Bard: :)
You: no :-) I think this applies to any situation, lol
Mobius Bard: yeah - basic 'how to live a happy life' stuff
Mobius Bard: just helps to hear it again sometimes i guess
You: but it sounds much better coming from an alien =)
You: Lol
Mobius Bard: a wise yellow stonehenge alien lol
You: :) I'd like to save the chat log...just a sec
Mobius Bard: wow, now you have to tell me how to do that
You: actually it's the first time I'm doing this
You: probably just go to History, select everything,
You: go to Edit, Copy and paste into a notepad
Mobius Bard: makes sense
Mobius Bard: didn't know if it had a special chat command

(And that's where the chat log ends)

SL Population today: 30,263
Mobius Bard and me chatting at Stonehenge (location?) in early 2004 Posted by Hello