Thursday, June 02, 2005

My discovery of Second Life

How did I discover SL? I have to thank Activeworlds
I won't bore you with my earlier virtual travels, which starts with ImagiNation, then goes through a medley of mmorpgs. Anyway, I discovered AW in 1996. I left in '97 for a brief time, but kept coming back throughout the years. My build still remained, but memories lingered bittersweetly, and it just wasn't the same. So, one day last year, I was just looking around in the Atlantis World, when I stumbled upon a note someone left which basically was a wake up call for me, signaling that the time of AW was over, and something more exciting was out there. To make it short, that's how I discovered SL! ;)

I recently met three of my new neighbors in Kamba by the way! - the pic is above this post :)

Object of the day: "Embracing the rain" statue from The Royal Gardens.

SL population today: 31, 107