Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Food for thought

From a post in the forums by Jeffrey Gomez:

"Who are we?

I know I've seen discussions like this one before. However, with recent shifts in Second Life from "what you can do" to "how much can one make," I feel it's time for another look at ourselves as a community.

Who are we?

- We are creators.

This world exists only because we have created it. Two years since the release from beta, look at all that we have created. I mean, really look at it.

We have created cities. Towns. Worlds. Tiny details.

We have emulated reality. We have gone to great lengths to escape reality.

We have emulated art. We have emulated life. We have even tried to emulate sex.

- We are thinkers and innovators.

We continually rally about discussions of ideas. Despite our differences, we continually discuss the ideas and shortcomings of our world.

We discuss art. We discuss money. We discuss power. Yet, we still discuss simple pleasures and altruism.

We continue to shape our world in new ways through ideas.

- We are businesspeople.

We create to get paid.

- We are altruists.

We create at our own expense to help our fellow man.

- We are diverse.

We are newbies, taking their first steps in a new world.
We are veterans, coming from other virtual cultures with our own unique perspective.

We are Thereians.
We are gamers.
We are the technical newborn.
We are the common.
We are the elite.

We are the space captains - exploring worlds never known.
We are the simple reality enthusiasts - existing in a true Second Life.
We are the club-goers - virtual hedonists and socialites.
We are the isolationists - expanding virtual horizons from afar.
We are the furry - esoteric beings in a virtual world.
We are the mundane - existing only in the day to day.
We are the superheros - modelled after our childhood icons.
We are the daily man - the simplest of people.

We are the aliens, the animals, the mechs, the strange, the simply "not human," and the human beings.

We are many.

- We are all the same.

We all exist in the same world. We all share similar goals. We are 32,000 active residents.

We are few.

Who are you?
Why do you continue to exist in this "Second Life?"
What are your interests in this community and culture?"

SL population today: 33,398